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OARIP specializes  in Technology recruitment
Also experienced in multiple industries and professional disciplines


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Lead Technology Recruitment Consultant

Nicole has decades of leadership in full-cycle recruitment focusing on the talent sourcing component for the latter half of her career. She initiated OARIP in 2006 to address the highly completive market for acquiring technology talent. Nicole is a skilled talent acquisition professional who identifies the issues, analyzes the options, designs a strategy and executes the methods that guarantees success for your company’s passive candidate acquisitions. She remains hands-on while leading a select group of talent sourcing colleagues.

Why Choose OARIP?


OARIP can engage for short-term or long-term assignments augmenting your internal recruiters in times of high volume staffing and specialty hard-to- fill positions.


OARIP focuses on passive candidate sourcing 24/7, we market your company to targeted candidates and build a pipeline of qualified, interested and responsive candidates.


OARIP offers is a considerably less expensive option to agency and retained search models while further developing your ATS with slates of qualified and interested candidates for future needs.

Partner With the OARIP Team

We are a team of seasoned recruiters skilled at sourcing passive candidates, building relationships and marketing your company’s unique attraction to talent. We have a successful record of partnering with Fortune 100 to Startups. No assignment is too small or too large for us. We charge by the hour and guarantee to deliver candidates you would have not otherwise seen.

Enhance Your Recruitment Process

We enhance your recruitment efforts by building a passive candidate database, screening and uploading these profiles into your ATS, and driving others to explore your company’s career site. We offer a menu of talent sourcing services you can chose from to create solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Industries We Serve

Technology is our specialty although we have filled positions in Entertainment, Financial & Legal, and Marketing.


Specialty in Technology in the areas of Internet/Web, Programming, Infrastructure, Networks, Cloud Computing, with emphasis on Management: Departments, People, Projects, Processes & Systems.


Proficient in Strategic Planning, Process Planning & Implementation with proven Leadership, Re-engineering, Staff Training & Mentoring Skills in the Entertainment field.


Designed Recruitment Campaigns, Sourcing Methodology & Best Practices, and we are experts in Development and Execution of Recruitment Processes, Models & Search Strategies.

Financial & Legal

Extensive experience with Applicant Tracking Systems from requirements gathering to production.
Proven expertise in partnering with Human Resources leadership to meet recruiting goals & compliance.

Specializing in technology at all levels and all areas, platforms and disciplines:

Mobile, Web/Internet, Desktop, Cloud, Infrastructure, Networks, Distributed Systems, Proprietary Software Development and Packaged Software - frontend, middleware and backend, Test Engineers, software and frameworks – manual and automation.

A brief list of technology titles we have filled:

CTO, CIO, IT Manager, Software Engineer, Mobile Developer, UI/UX Developer, and Software Architect. Test Engineer, SDET, QA Engineer, Test Analyst and Release Engineer. Data Architect, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Machine Learning, Natural Language, Business Intelligence, and DBA. Technical Project Manager, Scrum Master, Program and Product Manager. Solution Architect, Enterprise Programming Analyst, Systems Administrator, System Analyst, Network Administrator, Systems Security, DevOps, Site Reliability and Desktop Support.

Other titles we have filled:

Sales Executive, Sales Associates, Account Manager, CFO, CPA, Financial Analyst, Accounting Analyst, Controller, Creative Manager, Graphic Artist, Graphic Designer, Attorneys, Corporate Counsel.

Services We Provide

OARIP specializes
in Technology recruitment...

We also recruit for :
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Administration & Operations
Choose from a menu of services, we custom fit your needs.

We service all types of companies, from Fortune 500 to start-ups

ZEFR, Twitter, Premise Data, DIRECTV, Grindr & Blendr, J2 Global,Wilshire Media Group, Cinedigm, Green Dot Corporation, CARS.com, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., HauteLook.com, Life Time Networks, Cast and Crew, American LegalNet, Activision,  McMorrow Consulting...the list goes on.

Recruitment Service Levels & Consultation

The OARIP team works on an hourly basis, with tiered levels for consulting talent sourcing, list generation, and full-cycle recruitment. 

The OARIP team also consults on a project basis assisting companies in developing the most effective recruitment division.

  1. What makes your sourcing service better than what we can do with our internal staff?
    What makes your sourcing service better than what we can do with our internal staff?
    Sourcing talent is a full-time job. The truth is your internal recruiters have little time to dedicate to sourcing passive candidates while keep up with daily tasks, especially during high volume recruiting times. OARIP’s team frees your internal recruiters to concentrate on core duties like partnering with hiring managers, meeting pipeline expectations, reviewing candidates who applied or referred, dispositioning applicants, conducting in-person interviews, guiding candidates through the hiring process, closing candidates, contributing to onboarding, etc.
  2. Can you guarantee the number of resume we will receive?
    Can you guarantee the number of resume we will receive?
    OARIP can guarantee we will find you qualified, interested and responsive passive candidates you otherwise would not have.  We can guarantee our contribution will significantly help fill your pipeline with solid, fully screened candidates for current and future positions.  And, as you pay us by the hour, if you are not totally happy with the results you can discontinue the service at any time.
  3. What is your “new” methodology?
    What is your “new” methodology?
    OARIP’s methodology grew out of 25+ years of recruiting experience. We integrate that experience with the newest sourcing software tools and methods to locate and market to largest volumes of potential candidates. OARIP’s team has been sourcing candidates for decades. We are experts at tools and methods to help us best engage with passive candidates. OARIP utilizes several recruiters to source, we use multiple internet tools simultaneously and 24/7.
  4. What type of tools do you use?
    What type of tools do you use?
    OARIP uses the best software sourcing tools on the market to search the internet and aggregates information from dozens of websites, user groups, social media networks, open web, etc.  We collect the potential candidate’s direct contact information, pre-screen notes and résumé. Knowledgeable about all ATSs on the market, we upload all the collected candidate information to the client’s specific applicant tracking system.  
  5. What are your geographic limitations?
    What are your geographic limitations?
    OARIPs methodology harnesses the power of the world-wide-web hence there are no geographic limitations. Our clients have utilized our services on a national basis for various positions.  If someone has an email, a website, posted their resume or profile, connected to social media sites, member of a user group, listed in company information, etc., we can find them and process them for the client.
  6. Do you have specialties in certain positions, disciplines or skill sets?
    Do you have specialties in certain positions, disciplines or skill sets?
    OARIP is led by senior technical recruiters with 25+ years of recruitment experience. She has worked retained search, internal corporate recruiter, agency recruiter and consulting. We have recruited for virtually every professional position yet specialize in technology. We find that our services are most beneficial when searching for professional positions at a high volume or are hard-to-fill or an executive level where OARIP can target specific potential candidates and companies on your behalf.
  7. How do your services compare to traditional staffing agencies?
    How do your services compare to traditional staffing agencies?
    OARIP’s team knows sourcing passive candidates is key to successful recruiting. Agencies will present only final candidates, we supply you final candidates as well as all the potential candidates and our work product collected during the search process. We often delivery the hirable candidates within couple weeks of starting the search, hence the fee is a fraction of what an agency will charge. And our fees do not change based level of the position, entry level to executive level are all billed at the same rate.
  8. What is the cost of your services?
    What is the cost of your services?
    OARIP’s sourcing services begin at $65 an hour working primarily remote. This basic fee satisfies the majority of our client’s requirements. You can also choose specific tasks of full-cycle recruitment if needed.  You can customize the assignment from a menu of offerings: research, list generation, sourcing potential candidates, marketing your company, generating interest in your position, qualifying the interested candidates with a basic phone screen, and/or end-to-end full life-cycle recruitment.  

Contact OARIP

The OARIP team can source lists, candidates or run end-to-end full cycle recruitment searches – you choose what best fits your needs.

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